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CARLS DISPLAY MINERALS - Rocks and Minerals for Sale Updated: July 4, 2014 - Low-Cost, USPS Flat-Rate Box.

Click on PICTURE below to Open ALBUM, CLICK on "My Albums" to SEE MINERALS - Also Click on thumbs to see pics.; Hit "Other Sizes" to the right of an opened picture, and then click "Large" to SEE Bigger! - - ORDERS over $500 get 10% OFF!

Please Click on picture @ the Bottom of this Page to SEE my brand new Updated website (More Pictures - much faster to navigate), at


Click photo below to go to the Albums of great rocks and minerals for sale, at a good price!     Most of these minerals are Cabinet-Size (more than 3 1/2").


FOR SALE - ALL minerals on this site ARE available! I remove SOLD minerals immediately.  

     ALL orders over $500.00 get 10% Off.    

Email:    for Orders and shipping costs.


Phone:  Carl @ (301) 325-2313  (No solicitations or calls from SEO people.)


Please INCLUDE the NAME of the Mineral, the Album (Minerals 1, 2, 3 or 4) & the page #.  Thanks.

CLICK on this Picture to see Minerals at a great price.

Click on this Picture to go to my NEW website w/hundreds of pictures!